Fine Array: the Sixteenth Century

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Unlike many of my colleagues who tailor, my specialty has never been the later sixteenth century. I’ve always had my eye on English, Flemish, and French fashion in the early part of the century, about 1500-1548. I don’t know why, I just do.

For many years I have explored why the funnel-sleeved, triangularly shaped farthingale gown that is the public conception of Tudor dress evolved from the late-fifteenth century fashionable options. And if it evolved, as it had to have done, where did the funny shaped sleeve and back seams come from?

Pretty esoteric stuff to keep one up all night. And yet.

My partner in much of this exploration has been my beloved friend Kasia Wasilewski Corbo. She has helped me fit all my cockamamie ideas from the start. She has the best eye for fit of any person I know, and my work wouldn’t be what it is (or tries to be) without her help.



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