The Baste Laid Plans

In the last few weeks, I have been harassing my Loved Ones to put together websites to show off their own work. So this is me, doing as I said everyone should. Baste Laid Plans is a continuation of Finery Unltd (FUN), which has operated since I graduated as a designer from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 1988.

My work has taken many twists and turns. Here are some of those:

Couture wedding gowns

Research and Construction of Renaissance Gowns


Victorian & Steampunk fun

20-21st Century fashion of many sorts



Writing (which is what the rest of this site is about)




thinking aloud about.........well stuffs


Gauge as Rx'ed

National Portrait Gallery blog

De Pinnulis et Palmaris

Camera Picta

De Pinnulis et Palmaris

Schaeffer Arts

De Pinnulis et Palmaris


History Written Cheap

Portfolio: Vika Grigina z Prahy

Being a compendium of works gathered by the Friends of Vika.

Eva's historical costuming blog

De Pinnulis et Palmaris

Vika's Vexatious Vestments

De Pinnulis et Palmaris

A Study in Textiles

De Pinnulis et Palmaris

The Seventeenth Century Lady

Thy source for the A-Z of 17th-century history!

Clothing the Low Countries

Researching & Re-creating Flemish and Netherlandish clothing from 1480-1620

Fashioning Nostalgia

De Pinnulis et Palmaris



Fashion, Textile & Costume Librarians

An ARLIS/NA Special Interest Group Blog

Diversity at FIT

An inclusive, multicultural community

Sarah A Bendall

A blog about "deform'd" fashions from a Historian

Threading Through Time

The trials and tribulations of an over-enthusiastic seamstress learning to create period-correct historical items and fashions

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