Posted by: nedlnthred | January 4, 2017

New Year’s Planning

It’s that time of year when we all promise all kinds of wholesome things we know would make our lives easier if we could keep them up, even though we know we can’t. The aspirational period before shit gets real. A fresh start.

I’m playing too. This year I am determined to finish my dissertation. A draft by May, and a finished thingy by Christmas. It’s not unreasonable, right? Right.

I’m also determined to clear out my living space to a point where others could visit. The isolation of my living room being full of furniture weighs upon me mightily.

And it’s the year of the new bedroom, at last! Sooooo close, just have to put the last coat of paint up and the chair railing. And find someone to do the floor. Then I have a sunny bedroom again!! A fairy tale, pretty, sexy bedroom!

So I am, once again, using this blog as a way of writing regularly. Getting ideas out of my head as a way of getting this thesis up and gone.

So, Important Questions: What do you want to see me write?

Here are some “low-hanging fruit” I’m thinking of:

Where I go fabric shopping when I want something. Perhaps sorted by Wools, Silks, Linens, etc.

What the best books on certain centuries are. People ask me often enough that I think it’s worth my writing it down.

Maybe a once-a-month restaurant review in the NYC area. WTH. I’m eating, you’re reading, I definitely have opinions…

Research-wise: The next thing coming will be a discussion of the various portraits I can find of Katherine of Aragon. Because I need to do it for my dissertation, anyway, and it’s a visual that might pick up some traction. And a lot of people seem to care. So I toss my flat cap into that ring.

-possibly some snippets of the account books?
-discussion of the colors red and black? And *maybe* tawny?

Some stuff on my own Tudorish clothing in progress. People ask, and I am always hoping it will keep me producing.

Something about mental health issues and cleaning up after them. Still thinking about what I even want to say about them. Hmmm….

So there are some previews. Comments encouraged. Pics to be added later, as I’m involved in a huge image reorg at the moment.

There’s a question: how do you organize your images? Especially if you have holiday snaps mixed with scholarly research and cat pics?

Happy New Year, everyone! May it not suck too badly.







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