Posted by: nedlnthred | October 26, 2015

Just Do It.



For many years I have worked to figure out what the hell I’m “supposed” to be doing with myself, my life, my free time.  I’ve got that thing going on where I work at something all day, then come home and what’s left is a weird combination of my *actual* career and free time, whatever that really is.  Lately what that is has been an ABD life with a dissertation hanging over my head, providing ready-made guilt as needed.

But today someone posted this on his feed:

beth stitching german

The Endless Sleeves!! Working at Black Gryphon Inn. Photo courtesy of David DeVito.

Oh, right.  What do I do in my free time?  I make reproduction clothes.  I stitch things with gorgeous fabrics because it gives me joy.  I organize time with friends so we can do this together.  Right.  Duh.

I want to get the dissertation done, but it turns out that the thing I blurted out years and years ago to a coworker is still right:  I want a life where I can spend some of my time teaching these techniques, some of my life researching and writing, and some of my time making things.  Weirdly enough, I have kinda made that.  Hell, lately I’ve essentially been writing for a living, see this:

gorey just writer

Illustration by the amazing Edward Gorey, ganked from an internet meme. As one does. 

You can love the life you’re living, or live the life you love.

But also, Everything I need, I have right here.


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