Posted by: nedlnthred | May 14, 2015

The Voices in my Head: a Conversation

It is now Thursday of a week I took off work so that I could make some serious progress on my dissertation writing.  Ok, so Monday was lost to a big “Do or Fail” presentation at school, and it even generated a page or so of thought on the topic. Tuesday was devoted to self care, physical and mental, and yesterday was all about recovering my introvert’s sense of safety.

Porcupuss: I can’t take it, I can’t do it, get me a glass of wine.  NAOW.

Logique: Dammit, focus in there.  We MUST PRODUCE SOMETHING or we will all hate all of us.

Isadora Brane: NOOOOOOOoooooo.  I’ll break.  Can’t I write Erotica instead?  The boys love it!

Prickly Puss: I have to read FaceBook again.  John probably posted about oily sediment again!

Logique: (why do I have to do EVERYTHING myself??)  Ok, crew.  I need everyone pointing the same direction.  It would be nice if it were forward! <calculates tradeoff between tractability effect caused by providing prosecco now vs. how amount of coherent work that might get done in next few hours…>

Isadora Brane: Why do you always have to be such a fucking bully?  I need to be fed prosecco RIGHT NOW, or I’m outta here!

Porcupuss: Damn it, you all made me spill the prosecco all over the good rug.  WHAT DO WE DOOOOOO??

Logique: I hate you all! <and runs for towels> <Blots spill and spares a moment to be pissed by the waste of good wine.>

Isadora Brane: Now see what you’ve done, Porcupuss!  I NEEEEEDED that wine, and you just spilled it all over!  I am done, I am out of here, I can’t do a damn thing with you here WATCHING ME.

prosecco image

Porcupuss: <turns back on crowd, checks email thread about upcoming event.  Checks FB group about Pennsic plans.>

Logique: Reading.  We were reading here, people.  Can we get back to it?  I accept that no laundry, cleaning, or dishes will get done, if you will just FUCKING SIT DOWN AND READ 5 PAGES.  Please.  I mean it.

Porcupuss: Can’t we just check OKC again?  Did anyone hot text us?  I’m so BORED.  Why isn’t anyone writing us??  20150514_170611

Isadora Brane: You promised me we could sew in the late afternoon!

Logique: Yeah, but have we actually read a goddamn thing?  HMMMM??

Isadora Brane: <pouts sheepishly>

Porcupuss: <pours another glass of prosecco>

Isadora Brane: <types in URL of WordPress>

Logique: <Grinds teeth and looks at Vacation Week Goals hopelessly.>


  1. I have to say that making a public commitment has really helped enormously. I’ve gotten in two hours of solid working on the revisions every day for a week, which is having all kinds of good effects, and I’m not sure I would have done it without that. I kept thinking, “I have to do this or I will make a public idiot out of myself, and I will disappoint the schoolchildren who need my money,” and it made me realize what real commitment feels like, as opposed to my normal Sccarlett O’Hara, “I’ll think about that tomorrow,” attitude.

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