Posted by: nedlnthred | May 15, 2014

Rather, the Keyboard’s Excellency

I thought it might help me to begin using this as a place to write out thoughts and frustrations while I’m actually working on my thesis.  No one has ever done *that* before, have they…  But that’s ok, I’m smarter and funner than 2/3 of them, and the rest will find me a kindred spirit, and that’s no bad thing.

Here is the problem I’m having.  Well, one of them.  My job is eating my branes.  Then, because I’m getting so much flack from it, I’m coming home and drinking more than is good for me.  Which, of course, eats away at the very small kernel of ambition I had left.  Wasn’t much there.  No, wait, there’s enough ambition there to make me pretty damn pissed off that I’m still working as staff in the world’s least-academic library, instead of being routinely called for quotes on fashion, Tudor History and theory about everything.

The only way out is through.  The only way to convince my advisor (who is mostly a lovely man) that I’m not a lightweight is to do what I said I was going to do.  I have a great outline.  Now I just have to read thousands and thousands of pages, digest it, and say brilliant things about it all.  How the hell am I going to find the time to do that?

Problem 1a:  I need to skim the entire Letters & Papers of Henry VIII.  All 37 volumes of it.  Argh!  Problem 1b: The NYPL has a set, but I cannot seem to get my ass there on either evening or weekend time.  So I either have to find a set that’s in a library that can be taken out, or pull together a better strategy for getting out of the house on non-work days.  And I have to schedule time to read.  Believe it or not, I hate reading nonfiction.  No, really, I do!

I will visit again tomorrow, dear Reader.

Sincerely, Frustrated Graduate Student who Also Works Full Time





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